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  • Did you know that you can use any edition of QuickBooks in the Cloud? Yes, that includes the desktop versions such as Pro, Premier or Enterprise. How? There are companies that specialize in “hosting” your file in the cloud.
  • Access your edition of QuickBooks from any terminal with internet access. Use your company file from your home or work office. If you use a laptop, login when away on a business trip or vacation!
  • Easily share your file with your C.P.A. firm at tax time!

Many businesses are needing to access QuickBooks in the Cloud. Some choose to convert to QuickBooks Online, which is a great choice for many companies. However, if you use QuickBooks Enterprise and have advanced inventory needs, QuickBooks Online might not be the best option. Here’s the good news: you can use QuickBooks Enterprise in the Cloud! There are companies that specialize in hosting QuickBooks Enterprise in the cloud. So what does that mean? You can login to your QuickBooks file from any location that has internet access. Work from the office, home, on vacation, anywhere really. I work with many clients who have Enterprise hosted. The file works just as fast hosted as it would on your own server. The host will backup your files. Some companies are even moving everything to the cloud and not using a traditional server at all!

Get Remote Access for QuickBooks Enterprise by having it hosted in the Cloud

If you currently have your QuickBooks file on an office server, you have two choices:

  1. Have your desktop file hosted in the cloud
  2. Switch to QuickBooks Online

Both of these options offer great solutions. The best choice may depend on your circumstances.

Hosting QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud

When you use an edition of QuickBooks Desktop such as Pro, Premier or Enterprise, a file is saved to your laptop hard-drive or your office server. If you create a Word document, a file is created with all the data for that document. You can save a copy of this Word document to a flash drive and transfer the copy to another computer. You could also email a copy to someone who can then save it to their computer. This process would “transfer” your Word document to another hard-drive or server which could be hosted and accessed from an internet connection. If you use OneDrive or Google Docs, you are already familiar with saving files in the cloud.

This same process can be used to “transfer” your QuickBooks Desktop file from your server to a company who will then “host” your file on their server. This “hosting” process allows you to access the file anytime using the internet. All the data is easily transferred, no “conversion” is needed. It is simply moving the file from one server to another.

The program and data will look the same on your desktop. There is no learning curve because you are still using the same software. There is however, a learning curve if you transfer to the Online Edition.

When hosting remotely, there is no learning curve because you are still using the same software. There is however, a learning curve if you transfer to the Online Edition.

Convert to QuickBooks Online

There are many advantages to using QuickBooks Online. New features are being added almost daily. New Features include:

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Advanced Banking including better matching of downloaded transactions
  • Receipt Management
  • Advanced Sales Tax
  • Budgets, Cash Flow Analysis, KPI Goals and more!

There are so many new features of QuickBooks Online!

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