Create a Portable File in QuickBooks

When you need to make a copy of your company file, one option is to create a Portable File in QuickBooks.

This allows you to:

  • Email the file
  • Save the file to a flash drive
  • Open the company file on another computer

How to Create a Portable File in QuickBooks

From the menu bar at the top of your homepage, select File > Create Copy.

The Save Copy or Backup window opens. Select Portable company file.

You can then save the file to any folder, flash drive or external hard drive.

How to Open a Portable File

To open your portable company file, select File > Open or Restore Company …

The Open or Restore Company window opens. Select Restore a portable file.

Select next. Choose the flash drive or location you saved the portable file. The file will have a .qbm extension. Your company file should open as normal.

Limitations of a Portable File

When you create a portable file in QuickBooks, you now have a compact version which contains your financial data only. It does not contain templates, letters or logos. You can use a backup file to include those items.

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