There may be times when a QuickBooks file just seems to disappear. Recently, Intuit has introduced a new feature to help you find a missing QuickBooks company file. If you are unable to locate your file, this new tool can help.

You may see a message like this:

Did you move or rename your company file in QuickBooks? Error message if QuickBooks can't find your file and it is missing.

How to Find a QuickBooks Company File

First, if you have a QuickBooks file open, from the menu at the top select File > Close Company. You will then see “No Company Open”.

No Company Open window in QuickBooks. Use the Find a company file icon at the lower right.

Look for the icon at the bottom right. Click on the “Find a company file” icon.

Once you click on this, the following window will open:

Find a Company File in QuickBooks. Search Local, Removable and Network drives.

You then have two options:

  1. Search by Company Name
  2. Search by local, removable or network drives.

Search results may include Company, Backup and Portable file types. You can see the file type in the second column and the date modified in the next column. You probably want to open the latest company file.

Once you open this file, you may want to check and see if your most recent transactions have been entered.

Then, crisis over, you can continue working.

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