Print a Build of Materials List in QuickBooks

If you use assembly items in QuickBooks, you may wonder how to print a build of materials list.Printing a Build of Materials is very easy in QuickBooks.

This can be very useful to verify that all parts in the assembly process are included in the build. You may also find this useful if you need to edit or change the assembly process.

Print or View the List

First, from the Items & Services list, edit an assembly item. You can do this by selecting “Lists” from the menu at the top, then select “Item List”.

Double click any assembly item to edit.  You will now see the following window:

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If you select the “Full View” option, you will see a list of all the component parts of the build. Here’s an example:

QuickBooks Build of Materials Report

If you select the “Print” option, QuickBooks will generate a Build of Materials report, an example of which is shown below.

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