Invoice for Multiple Sales Orders

If you have a large customer you may wish to create one invoice for multiple sales orders. Is this possible in QuickBooks? Yes! This post shows you how.

Start by selecting “customers” from the menu. Then select “create invoices”.  After you select the customer name on the invoice, you will see the following pop-up window:

Sales Orders in QuickBooks Enterprise

 Select “Create invoice from one or more sales order(s) “, then select “OK”. The following window will appear:

QuickBooks makes it easy to add several Sales Orders to a single customer Invoice

Put a check mark next to the sales orders you wish to invoice. You may select all or just some of the sales orders. Click on “OK”.

Once you select the sales orders, QuickBooks gives you the option to invoice for all the items on each sales order or you can create a partial billing.

QuickBooks Invoice from Several Sales Orders

The first option “Create invoice for all the sales order(s)” will create an invoice for the full quantity of all items listed on the sales order.

The second option “Create invoice for selected items” will allow you to create a partial billing. In this case we only received 3 of each from our supplier, but 5 were ordered. The customer wants the 3 shipped immediately. You can change the quantity to 3 in the “to invoice” column, then Select “OK” .

QuickBooks now creates an invoice for 3 each of the items for which you are billing.

Invoice for Partial Sales Order QuickBooks Enterprise

If you wish, you can include the backordered information on the printed invoice, or the invoice form can be customized to only show this information on the screen. The following sales order columns are available to include on this form:

Quickbooks show backorder information on invoice

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