You can start to learn QuickBooks using a Sample File. QuickBooks ships with play (sample) company files which allows you to enter test transactions and see the results.

The sample company file is already setup with customers, invoices and other transactions. You can also add your own transactions and experiment with QuickBooks. This is a great way to learn what many of the new features can do for you.

Learn QuickBooks Using a Sample File

The sample files are easy to access.

Step One: If you have a company file opened, you will have to close it. To do this, first select “File” from the menu bar, then “Close Company”.

Sample File.2

 Step Two:  You should see the boxes below. Select Open a sample file.

Sample file 3

 Step Three: Open a file. You may select either a product or service based business.

Sample File 4

Sample company files are a great way to try new features and learn about QuickBooks.

Using a Sample File

Once you open the file, the possibilities are endless to enter test transactions:

  • Enter New Customers, Vendors, Accounts and Inventory Items
  • Pay Bills and Invoice Customers
  • Receive Customer Payments
  • Buy and sell inventory and more!

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