QuickBooks Desktop and Online Training

Need to get your staff up and running quickly? I offer QuickBooks Training for both Desktop and Online. Training can be remote or on-site. In-depth sessions cover QuickBooks procedures, workflow, reporting and error detection. I can also develop customized documentation for your company.

I offer both Remote and On-Site Training.

Here are some focus areas. Many other topics are available depending on your needs.

QuickBooks Accounts Payable, QuickBooks A/P, QuickBooks AP, QuickBooks Bill Pay, QuickBooks Bills, QuickBooks Vendors, Vendor Discounts, Vendor Credits

Accounts Payable

If you need to keep track your bills and due dates, QuickBooks has the answer for you. Enter your bills and pay them later. Memorize expense categories for each vendor. You can print a report show all your unpaid bills, the amounts due and date dues. QuickBooks will also handle vendor discounts, credits and more!

Training topics on A/P may include:

  • Basic Process Flow
  • Vendor Discounts and Credits
  • Handling Prepayments to Suppliers
  • Using Item vs Account Codes
  • How to Use Purchase Orders
  • Expense Accounts Presets
  • Expense Reports
  • Receiving Inventory
  • Correcting A/P Errors
  • Reconciling Disputed Vendor Balances
QuickBooks Enterprise Training in Fort Worth and Dallas QuickBooks Invoices Invoicing. QuickBooks Estimates, QuickBooks Quotes, QuickBooks Freight, QuickBooks Drop Ship, QuickBooks Customer PrePayments, QuickBooks Customer Discounts, QuickBooks Customer Credits

Invoicing Customers

QuickBooks is a great software for invoicing customers. You can keep a complete history of all the invoices sent to a customer, break invoices out by project, track invoice credits, drop shipments and more. You can even create Quotes for customers and then turn all or a portion into an invoice. QuickBooks also allows you to create purchase orders from the Quote for materials needed for the job.

Training topics on invoicing may include:

  • An overview of invoice items such as service and inventory parts
  • Billing for Freight Charges
  • Handling Customer Prepayments
  • Drop Shipments
  • Customer credits & discounts
  • Pricing Agreements
  • Quantity Discounts
  • Progress Invoicing

QuickBooks Training can help your small business staff learn the many new features being added to both the Desktop and Online Versions.

QuickBooks Enterprise Training in Fort Worth and Dallas Accounts Receivable A/R Collections, QuickBooks Payment Reminders, Bounced Checks, QuickBooks Apply Payments, Customer Discounts and credits. Negative Customer Balances, QuickBooks Bad Debt,

Accounts Receivable

Is your cash flow a mess? Having trouble collecting from customers? QuickBooks offers many features to help improve your cash flow. There is a Collections Center to keep contact notes and a new feature for 2020 to schedule batches of payment reminders. Statements can be emailed directly from QuickBooks. Sending monthly statements can dramatically increase customer payments.

Training topics on A/R may include:

  • Cash Application to Mark Invoices Paid
  • Dealing with Bounced Checks
  • Customer Discounts and Credits
  • Merchant Account Payments
  • Handling Invoices paid by credit card or wires
  • How to send Monthly Statements
  • Correcting Negative Customer Balances
  • Dealing with Bad Debt
  • Using the Collections Center
QuickBooks Banking, Check Registers, Bounced Checks, NSF Checks, Credit Cards, Reconcile QuickBooks


QuickBooks allows you to track as many bank accounts and credit cards as you need. Save time by downloading transactions into your registers. A user friendly screen allows for monthly reconciliation. Other features such as a one-click button to record bounced checks, allows QuickBooks to handle all your banking transactions.

Training topics on banking may include:

  • Setting up new Bank and Credit Card Accounts
  • Download Bank Transactions
  • Download Credit Card Transactions
  • Handling NSF Checks
  • Entering Company Credit Card Charges
  • Reconciling Monthly Bank and Credit Card Accounts

Easily download Bank and Credit Card Transactions into QuickBooks. This can save hours of time inputting transactions.

QuickBooks Enterprise Training in Fort Worth and Dallas, Job Costing, Project Costing, Estimates vs Actual, Budgets by Job, Track Employee Time by Job, Retainers, Sales Orders, Change Orders

Job Costing

Need to keep track of income by project or job? QuickBooks allows you to track income and expenses (including labor) by job. If you work on more than one project for a customer, can QuickBooks track that? You bet! Track as many jobs per customer as needed. You can even apply credits for the same customer between jobs.

Having trouble keeping up with estimates? Create all your estimates directly in QuickBooks and turn them into invoices when accepted. From the estimates you can create Purchase Orders to order the materials and Sales Orders to send the work orders to your crew. With Apps such as T-Sheets, workers can record their time in the field by hour by job and sync this information with QuickBooks when you run payroll.

Job Reports in QuickBooks and show if you are over or under budget for each project. View the Actual vs Estimated report to see if you bid too low on your projects.

Training topics on Job Costing may include:

  • Setting up a customer job (project)
  • Booking Income and Expenses by Job to track profitability
  • Apps to help you track employee time remotely and sync with QuickBooks
  • Track customer prepayments / retainers
  • Create Estimates and Sales Orders
  • Reports to compare Estimates to Actual costs
  • Bill projects in increments. QuickBooks can track how much of each estimate has been billed.
  • Track Change Orders to Estimates

QuickBooks Training is an investment in your company, whether it’s for Desktop or Online!

Profitability by Inventory Item, QuickBooks send to USP, FEDEX, USPS


Need to keep track of the inventory you buy and sell? Need to know how much is in your warehouse at any given time? QuickBooks will track your inventory by warehouse and bin, keep pricing by part and expense the cost of the part when sold. Run reports on profitability by inventory item. Learn more on our Inventory Management page.

I offer many training topics on inventory management including:

  • How to create Purchase Orders, Estimates and Sales Orders
  • Track Backorders
  • Order and Receive Inventory
  • Create Assemblies (Kits) with a Build of Materials
  • Run reports on Profitability by Inventory Item
  • Need to Buy by the Pound and sell by the ounce or other measurements? Units of Measure is your answer!
  • Learn how to Adjust Inventory for variances
  • Learn how to setup Cycle Counting and Upload Updated Inventory Counts
  • Learn about Multiple Warehouses
  • Create Warehouse Bins
  • Setup Barcoding
  • Use Landed Cost
  • Create Paperless Site Operations with the new Android App for QuickBooks Enterprise!

You can schedule pickups, track packages and print shipping forms directly through QuickBooks and sync with Fedex, USP and USPS! This is another great way QuickBooks Enterprise can manage your warehouse.

QuickBooks Enterprise Training in Fort Worth and Dallas, Reporting, Profit and Loss, P&L, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Monthly Reporting, Budgets, Cash Flow, Income by Division, Location, Product Line,

Monthly Reporting

QuickBooks has so many great reports, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. We show you the standard reports, how to read them and also how to spot errors. Learn methods to review your financial reports for accuracy and catch errors soon than later. We customize advanced reports for your business!

Training topics on monthly reporting may include:

  • How to create Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Reports
  • How to create a Monthly Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • View reports to show profitability by project, product line, location, division and more
  • Run reports to show profitability by each inventory item sold
  • Custom Reports can be setup just for your company
  • Dozens of other reports exist
  • Easily export any report or list to a spreadsheet for further analysis
QuickBooks Procedures Manual, Training, Trainer, Instruction, Instructor, Classes, Teacher, Tutor

Procedures Manual

Once I have developed and tested the most effective process flow for your business, it’s time to convert the flow charts into checklists and put together a procedures manual customized for your business. Studies have shown that written procedures, checklists and other documentation can greatly improve the overall quality and consistency of your operations.

QuickBooks Training Desktop and Online

I offer QuickBooks Training for Desktop and Online. Call me today to start training your staff!

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Tim Plue

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