QuickBooks Setup

It is essential that a new QuickBooks setup be correct or you may have many problems later. It is much more cost efficient to spend a little money upfront and have it correct from the beginning.

A new QuickBooks company file can be imported from a variety of database formats including Excel, CSV, Access and ODBC. If you are able to export list and transaction information from your old software to one of these formats such as Excel, we can import the data directly into a new QuickBooks company file. For example, if you can export your list of customer names, addresses and terms to Excel, we can import it to QuickBooks. You may have thousands of customers, vendors and inventory items to import. No need to hand key!

What does a QuickBooks Setup include?

  • Software Installation
  • Fine-tuning your company preferences
  • Transfer of your Company file from older QuickBooks Versions or other software
  • Importing kits and assemblies with all component items including nested assembly items. No need to hand key!
  • Importing Customer and Vendor lists from other software such as Excel
  • We can import Estimates, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Invoices with line item detail.
  • Setting up your Chart of Accounts and Financial Reports
  • Setting up your Bank and Credit Card Accounts
  • Creating your list of products and services for invoicing

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What can be Imported in QuickBooks?

Here are some examples of what can be imported during a QuickBooks Setup:

Chart of Accounts: including beginning balances

Customer Information: complete address & contact information, a ship to address, terms, prices levels, sales tax information, sales reps, credit limits, notes, outstanding balances and more!

Vendor Information: complete address & contact information, terms, 1099 tax information, credit limits, notes, outstanding balances and more!

You may have thousands of customers, vendors and inventory items. We can import them. No need to hand key!

Inventory Items, Kits & Assemblies:  Do you have several thousand inventory parts, kits, assemblies and subassemblies in your build of materials? These can be imported. Some of these groups and subassemblies may have dozens of component parts. First, we import all the individual component parts, then the subassemblies with all the individual component parts included in the build of materials and finally the main assemblies. Each item can be assigned individually to an inventory, sales and cost of goods sold account. WIP accounts can also be used.

Inventory imports can also include:

Inventory Adjustments:  Inventory quantity and values can be imported for each item including warehouse and bin locations.

Accounts Payable:  Outstanding bills can be imported with line item detail including due dates, terms and memos. Vendor credits and partial payments can be included. Inventory received without a bill can also be imported.

Accounts Receivable: Outstanding invoices with line item detail can be imported, including due dates, terms, customer credits, sales tax, sales rep, purchase order or sales order reference number, memo, warehouse / bin location and more!

Bank and Credit Card Detail:   This can include bank transactions such as checks, deposits as well as credit card accounts.

Other Forms:  Also available for importing are Estimates, Purchase Orders and Sales Orders with line item detail.

Have some custom information you need in QuickBooks such as product color? We can import custom fields!

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