Business Planning

QuickBooks Enterprise provides many valuable tools for business planning including budgeting and cash flow projections. You can even create an entire business plan using QuickBooks Enterprise!


Business planning should include a budget. Below is an example of a Budget in QuickBooks. The first row shows us that the actual Design Income for January was $3,000 but $6,000 was budgeted. Therefore the third column show us that we are under budget by $3,000. This is a great tool for business planning and tracking.

Business Planning in QuickBooks

You can setup several budgets and have one for each project, department, location or even product line.

Cash Flow Projections

QuickBooks will use data from your company file to create a projection and allow you to make adjustments before you create the report. This is an essential tool for cash flow management. Below is an example.

QuickBooks Cash Flow

Business Planning

Another great feature QuickBooks Enterprise offers for business planning is the ability to create an entire business plan within QuickBooks.

You can start a business plan from the menu by selecting Company > Planning & Budgeting > Use Business Plan Tool. You then see the welcome screen shown below.

This will begin an interview and allow you to enter your company legal, income and expense information. Finally, on the plan tab, you are able to type your Executive Summary, Strategy, SWOT analysis and more. You can then print the entire plan for investors and banks.

There are so many other QuickBooks features available to analyze your business. Call today for a consultation. Meetings can be online or at your location.