Barcode with QuickBooks Enterprise

If you deal with inventory, you can barcode with QuickBooks Enterprise. This feature can improve accuracy and save time. QuickBooks will automatically create barcodes for you!

Setting Up Barcoding

First, from the menu bar, select Edit > Preferences. On the left, select Items & Inventory and then click on Advanced Inventory Settings.

QuickBooks Barcode Scanning, Fort Worth, Dallas, DFW, Tarrant County, Texas

Once the Advanced Inventory Settings window is open, select the Barcodes Tab at the top right. Click on Enable barcode scanning, then at the bottom left select Open Barcode Wizard.

Barcodes Tab

Once the Barcode Wizard is opened, you have several options. If you have not entered any barcodes in QuickBooks at all, you should select the first option “I don’t currently track barcodes in QuickBooks”.

Barcode Scanning Setup

If you have not already entered any barcodes into QuickBooks Enterprise, you can allow QuickBooks to create the codes for you, or you can import barcodes from Excel. You can select which item types you would like QuickBooks to create barcodes.

No Barcodes

If however, you already have entered barcodes in QuickBooks, you can have QuickBooks copy the barcodes to the barcode field. This is illustrated below. This works with the following fields:

  • Item Name / Number
  • Manufactures Part Number
  • Purchase Information

In our example, we originally entered barcode number 5029-03-55 into the Item Name / Number field. QuickBooks created a new field named Barcode Number. During the barcode setup process, QuickBooks copied the number from the Item Name / Number field into the new Barcode Number field. A great time saver!

Copy Barcode





Using the Barcode

Once barcoding is set up, all inventory items can be entered in without touching a keyboard. This feature works with most USB barcode scanners. Valid barcodes can be between 5 and 30 characters. In addition, You will have a new standard inventory report (shown below). Barcodes labels can also be printed.

Item Barcodes Report

Finally, you can scan barcodes to fill out sales and purchase forms with ease and accuracy. This is a great feature of QuickBooks Enterprise!

Need Help?

Contact us if you have questions or need assistance setting up or using the QuickBooks barcode feature.